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I never thought it would come to this...

My blog has become less about mommy-ness and cooking and books and more about RUNNING!? How the hell did that happen? But these days, for whatever godforsaken reason, running occupies a great deal of my thoughts. I suppose it could be worse, it could be something sordid like The Bold and the Beautiful. So running, it is. So let me be honest. I am pretty sure the reason so much attention is being paid to running at the moment is because it is my little escape. And a mother needs those. Which is why, last week, I attended an art class and made a shabby chic wall hanging for my daughter's room. It was fun. I toddled off with a half jack of Whiskey and a cooler box filled with ice. Baby asleep - sort of. Toddler due home from my aunt any minute. But I almost flew into the class I was so excited. I loved getting creative again and feeling as though there was something more to me than breast milk and midday naps. BUT - and this is a big BUT. I had very little in common with the othe

This is getting ridonculous now! Running just isn't me?

I dreamt about running. As in – a “please-don’t-wake-me-from-this-incredible-dream-dream!” I felt like Jake Sully in Avatar, when he learns to use his big blue legs for the first time and feels the earth beneath his gigantic blue feet. That’s what I felt in my dream. And I was running in a game reserve. And there were wild animals around every corner and I loved the thrill of the wind in my face and the dirt on my legs and the tension and release of each muscle as I moved with the terrain. The song on my iPod was Young The Giant’s My Body, which is my fitness song for the year and it was perfect. My body tells me no, but I won’t quit, ‘cos I want more.  Young The Giant - My Body It was an awesome dream. I was a supreme athlete in my dream. The reality, however, is a stark contrast. I plod and I pant and I don’t see animals any wilder than a Labrador or a tabby cat. It’s not glamorous what I do, nor is it even fun. Plus, in my dream I ran for ages, (or so it felt,) but in reality I

Emotions and Rationality don’t go hand in hand

I have had a pretty hectic year. Not hard, compared to some, but hard for me. In the last year, okay, thirteen months actually, I've had the following: a suspected miscarriage with forced bed-rest, a husband in a real plane crash, (but, thankfully surviving) , the adjustment of our family to a new addition: little Quinn, and the lack of sleep that comes with that, recently a beloved father-in-law in and out of hospital for four months with numerous illnesses and subsequent complications, and now, a husband who has been made MD to an international company at age thirty four. Like I said, not necessarily the most difficult year imaginable, but still quite hectic. I run a home on my own. Not hubby’s choice; he would actually love to be involved in most decisions around the house but hasn’t got time to think about those things. He doesn’t know where the geyser mains are, where the tools are kept, or where the toothpicks live. The girls are also largely my department; hubby doesn’

RIP Cory

Cory Monteith is dead. I have watched Glee (many times – I own every episode on DVD) from episode one, season one. I saw/swooned over Finn Hudson singing in the shower and marvelled at how he fell in love with Rachel and wished they would never break up. Just like every other teenage girl on the planet. I loved the character he played for so many reasons: his cute smile, his naivety, and his good, clean, down-to-earth American guy-ness. He was just so perfect. And then along came Rachel Berry and the two seemed to make such a cute couple: it just worked for me and all my girly whims. So I guess we have had a relationship for about three years. Ups and downs, etc etc. But now he is dead. And the reason he died, a heroin/alcohol related tragedy was like a hammer to my head. Cory and heroin? You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding. Me. He just wasn’t 'the type.' But then I remembered a friend of mine who overdosed on heroin while I was at university. I never even knew he was using d

Peeing with an Audience

I peed in my pants three times last week. That’s not a confession I make lightly, not knowing who reads what is ‘out there’ once it’s out, but it is a serious confession nonetheless. You see, I had one sick baby and one demanding toddler and a house to run. Surely you could find two minutes to take a piss? I hear you say. Mothers don’t work that hard! I hear some fools say. Seems easy enough but clearly, it wasn’t. There just don’t seem to be enough hands or hours in a day. Diapers that need changing and spit-ups that need cleaning, I have an abundance of. Also, when one child cries, the other inevitably becomes niggly for some reason, which makes the one crying cry more and then the niggly one niggles more and thus a vicious cycle is formed. That will also be the exact moment, (which I unfortunately learnt from experience,) you look up from breastfeeding, titties exposed, to find your gardener gawking through the window about to ask for some sugar for tea. Privacy, I think all mo

Motherhood isn't (always) for the birds. Sometimes it's for the sharks and the dolphins and the clown fish.

I took my daughters to an aquarium today. It was an unusually warm winters morning and the sunshine made the beach all the more appealing. Hats and sunscreen and off we go! Okay, it's over an hours' worth of a drive and its a damn expensive entry fee but it was so incredibly worth it.  My youngest, who I honestly assumed would sleep through the entire experience, had eyes like saucers for the entire visit. Every little fish or bubble caught her eye. Her sister was shrieking with joy and enjoying the frightening, yet awesome underwater world unfolding around each corner. When a particularly scary shark with a wide open jaw swam past her, showing off rows of sharp teeth, I explained that the shark was tired and was yawning at us. When hundreds of colorful fish swam round and round a cylindrical tank, I shared that they were all part of the same family.  My mother was along with us, which made the excursion more manageable. But at a point I stopped and watched the awesome experien