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A married Christian's view on Gay Marriage (Warning: You may not like this!)

I have really spent a long time wondering whether or not this post should ever be made public. I know I am opening a can of worms I am, frankly, frightened of even peering in to. The US supreme court decision to allow same sex marriage in all states has started a viral war and prejudices from all spheres are being exposed. A pastor goes public to advocate for homosexuals and is attacked (virally) for condoning sin. Others, also “Christians” are lamenting the loss of what is seen as a biblical institution that has gone to the dogs. Gays are not the ones who’ve destroyed marriage. I am going to speak as plainly as I can here in an attempt to not be misconstrued. I am heterosexual. I am a Christian. I speak in tongues and clap hands in church. I have dedicated my marriage and children to God before fellow believers. I wish there was no homosexuality in the world because I do not believe that it is God’s ultimate plan for us. Same as I wish there was no poverty. No illness. No famine. No s