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A Banting (Newbie) Support Page

If you are Banting, you will be aware of all the support groups and social networking connection groups that are out there. Yet so often, people ask questions and are grilled because they don’t know the basics, or seem to have missed a memo or three. And people can be so cruel… When newbie Banters ask a question, often there’s more than one Pontius Pilate preparing to bring out the whips. They get mocked. They get sarcastic responses. They get condescension from all sources. And yes, they do also get some support and helpful answers. But as Banters, we have all been there. Well, I know I certainly went there when I started out. I remember saying things like, “I will definitely still have some ice cream now and then,” or “Do I really need to eat all that fat?” Life has changed a lot for me in three months. Undoubtedly, for the better. So I thought I would share some things you can share, in kindness, with newbies. Get rid of as much of the crap as you possibly can. If you don’t have it

Quit Ranting about Banting

There is a lot of talk about Banting at the moment. Tim Noakes, The Real Meal Revolution ( Visit the RMR website here ), Ketosis are buzz words and you can’t buy cauliflower anywhere. It’s easy to see why people are curious: the doctrine of Banting debunks everything we’ve previously known about health foods; the recipes are delicious; and the guy propagating it isn’t scared of controversy. So I had to try it? Right? Almost ten weeks in and I am seven kilograms down. If it weren’t for Xylitol, I would miss sugar enormously. But only in my coffee. Which I have with whipped cream, by the way. Miraculously, carbs have completely disappeared from my radar, even when others are eating particularly delicious looking chips in front of me. Being insulin resistant (IR) and having polycystic ovaries means that I am a prime candidate for Tim Noake’s eating principles. But not everyone is. That’s one of the problems with this plan. Another is that it’s fffffffffffff… very expensive. Yet wherever y