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I'm not your Competition, and You aren't Mine

I don't have a competitive bone in my body. And I guess that's why I hated team sports, why I enjoyed the orchestra, why I withdraw when I smell a competition of any kind. And oh, adults have competitions raging all the time. But I don't compete to be top dog, in fact, I would rather you were top dog. When I lead, it's because no one else wanted to do so in that situation and so I see it more as a duty than a privilege or right. Being a class mom, or collaborating ideas for the school nativity play, or taking a group of people on a journey of prayer and theology... I don't put my hand up and ask for those jobs, yet will do them to the best of my ability and for as long as required. I count it as "taking one for the team," because being part of a team, I get. We have some ridiculous competitions raging around us right now though, which is what got me going. Competing for friends. I simply would rather back down than be someone's second choice. Or someon

5 Things I do to Control the "Crazy" in our home

I won't pretend for a second to have "got it all right." My home is mostly organised chaos and loud at that. We try to eat dinner by 17:30 so that the kids can be in bed by 18:30, but that doesn't happen successfully. We try to be out the door by 6:50 to be perfectly on time for school and in sync with the traffic, but that's also a hit-and-miss situation. But I have learnt from the three kids that seem to dominate and dictate where to and for how long in our home, that if I am to have any control, and if I am to be relatively calm and rational, there are a few tools that really help. 1. I pre-cook . I have a ready-to-go meal in the freezer at all times. Sometimes it's not even something I've pre-cooked, but bought from a good home-cook style food shop. Our closest one makes the most delicious tomato and lime soup, to which my family responded, "Could we eat this every night for supper?" when I first served it. I also pre-cook a big batch of sav

Why Can't Jealousy Bring Out the Best in us, Instead of the Beast in Us?

When you buy a new car, supporting Mercedes, for example, and your local friend who has a chip on their shoulder about their BMW suddenly goes out and gets a similar, probably better, version of your car. That’s jealousy. It stems from their insecurity and their idea that it’s important to keep up with the Joneses. When you decide to move into a rather lush new residential estate, where the property is over-priced and the bond will nearly kill you, all for the sake of the address… it was a green-eyed monster spurring you on, encouraging you to do so, and also allowing you to make a potentially stupid financial mistake for the sake of ego. And a nice address. When your daughter seems to be floundering in her swimming lessons at her current teacher, while a classmate seems to be swimming like a shark after only three lessons, so you choose to move her across, it may be, in part, for the good of your child, but it is often for the sake of your ego. Your competitive streak causing you