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The Legacy of a Good Marriage

We've all had those epic meltdowns with our spouse where we lose our cool to the nth degree and wonder what the heck we’re still doing married. And if you, honestly, haven’t had that thought cross your mind yet, then you’re either a liar or very newly married. I know Tyler Perry created a comedic movie franchise out of the concept and with it brought some laughs to an otherwise not-so-funny situation. Why did I get married? is a serious and albeit not always followed-through state of mind, the question rears its head in many, if not all, marriages I have come to know over the years. And when I speak of marriages I have come to know, I know that I am still a relative newby at this – only eight years under the belt. Amongst my quiver of exemplars, some friends who have been married more than once, friends who married their first love and have stayed that way for a number of years, friends who have been married a very short while, friends who got married under duress and friends who