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Have an opinion? No, thanks! I'm OK.

I realise the irony of this post’s title considering that a personal blog is not much more than a narcissistic podium of opinion and idea self-expressions. BUT the big difference is, many of my readers don’t know me and all of my readers can choose whether or not to take a single word written here seriously. They can, if they so wish, take it all with a massive pinch of salt. Or they can, if they so wish, take it from whence it comes. So allow me a moment to share an opinion on opinions.   Most of the time, your opinion is a waste of energy.   Why?   Well, no matter what you think, the person is going to do it anyway.   There is the occasional exception to this rule and that is when the opinion is actually asked for. A young mother asking her own mother for advice, well, that opinion will count. A girlfriend asking her bff for advice on an outfit, that opinion will count too. A new home owner consulting a professional in decorating/building/painting/renovating/plumbing for a decorating

Toddler toddling away…

Toddler is about to start school. And yes, it is only playschool and she only goes for three and a half hours a day, but this is the beginning of the end. Once she has made this giant step, she is walking off into her own life one tiny toddle at a time. From now on, we’ll need to consider school holidays when planning family trips. From now on, I will need to label her clothing and mark her lunch box, packed with healthy snacks and love. From now on, she will be learning and experiencing things away from me. It’s a giant step for both of us. For those of you who have been through this, trust me, I know that I will make it out on the other side. I also am pretty sure that she will love it. But there are always fears and insecurities associated with change. She’s got her backpack and is so excited for this adventure. I've got my tissues on the ready. So I wrote her this letter for her first day. I know she can’t read it yet, but I know that God can. And one day, hopefully, she will h

But… My Pee is as Clear as a Crystal Stream

Let me put it out there. I love food. Food is kinda, ‘My Thing.’ I love tasty food – it can be a la Heston Blumenthal Gastronomical Physics, or Mom’s lamb roast with brussel sprouts. There’s nothing that disappoints me more than going to a restaurant and being served a meal less scrumptious than one I could have in my own home, or in the home of several people in my life who are also self-proclaimed Foodies. I don’t believe that anything, within moderation, can be harmful to your health. I seriously believe that one day we will find an incredible health benefit, (apart from the dark chocolate benefit to heart disease,) to chocolate because nothing can taste that delicious and not be of some use. Butter, never margarine. Fragrant olive oil, aged Balsamic, organic vegetables, free range chicken and eggs, and pasture raised meat products. These are the status quo in my kitchen and what I look for in stores or restaurants. Anyway, I digress. Part of eating well is believing in healthy

It must be the parent's fault...

I find myself guilty of this all the time. And before I became a parent, I swore I would never, ever do this. But I use my kids as a baseline in comparison to other people’s kids. I know it takes a real (wo)man to admit that. But I do. And what I find most alarming about this, to be honest, I usually end up feeling like I am failing as a parent. I believe children are born with the need to be taught good and right from wrong. I do not believe that children were born as little cherubs and have no wickedness in them. I challenge anyone who has a toddler to disagree. Toddlers don’t share, they push, they smack, they shout, they throw tantrums, they poop in the wrong places and wee in their pants, they scream at three am, they disobey. That’s not goodness or cherub-ness. Yes, I may only be speaking about my toddler, but experience has taught me that usually, when it comes to parenting, you are not the first person to experience any weird behaviour and your child is generally not the only

2013 Reflective a la Facebook

Have you been on Facebook and asked to see your year in review? It's a new-ish link that allows you to see what they  feel the most important events of the last twelve months were. I guess if you share a lot on Facebook, then they may be a little more accurate. But mine was way, way off. So I looked over my calender and diary and came up with my own "Year in Review." Here’s 2013 in point format: The highlights and lowlights... (And these are completely subjective because memory fails.)          January brought Quinn, our new little girl. She made us a family of four and she is amazing.         Three babies died shortly after Quinn was born; one a miscarriage early in pregnancy, one in utero in the week he was due, and one by cot death. Quinn went from being amazing to being a miracle overnight. Her parents also became super paranoid, for a while.     Was there a February?        March , my birthday, lunch at Cleopatra and spoilt.         I joined the world of the