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We're all allowed a s**t day every now and then

I've had an average of three hours sleep a night since Saturday. I wish I could say I had been partying hard. But alas, no. Today is Wednesday, (I think?).  So that’s 12 hours in total. No wonder I feel like a grumpy-ass-zombie. This time, it is not the kid’s fault. I am trying to write my next book but I keep getting stuck - my protagonist, a frustrated woman in her early 30's - really wants a new life.   That's where I get stuck.   Surely no one would buy a book about a woman who runs away from children crying in a bathtub, knowing her husband is due home in the next few hours, thinking, "what's the worst that can happen?" No one would buy a book about a woman who packs up everything, including two children but not including the dog, and leaves without so much as a note or a phonecall, not to somewhere exotic but rather to somewhere more mundane and simple. Nope. Not even I would buy that book. Nor do I want that life. Well, not all the time.    Yesterday,

I'm looking at the woMan in the Mirror

  I am so relieved that my blog wasn’t completely wiped from the interweb, but I am seriously mortified that I haven’t spent the time writing a post or two in the last few years (eeek.) But here I am, back.   A thousand and one thoughts and then some.   I guess two kids does that? Changes life and turns it on its head and then shits you out on the other side and one morning you look in the mirror and see someone who looks like you and say, “Hey! Where have you been hiding?” That’s where I’m at…   The person, to copy-and-paste-from-wacko-Jacko a little, the woMan in the Mirror, was me. I cut my hair short again, for the first time in almost a decade. And I shed a few baby kilos. And I devoted some time to myself for the last few months, (albeit a twenty minute run three times a week, or a particularly long shower...) which all reminded me that under the pile of breastpads, feeding bras, poopy nappies, shopping lists, cleaning products, to-do lists and house keeping dilemmas, is me. I&