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Why it doesn't matter if Oscar goes to jail

So Oscar will hear his fate this week. This last weekend may have been his last Sunday braai for a while. At least, we can hope so. Before you ask the question, yes, I watched “the interview.” Yes, I saw how he wept. Yes, I agree, he is a broken man. But as I have said before, I would also be crying my eyes out if I had taken such a monumental fall from grace and made such a huge stuff up of my life. It’s his fault. He owned the gun. He bought those exploding ‘guaranteed to kill’ bullets. He fired four shots into a tiny toilet cubicle through a solid door. No one forced him to do it. There is no one else to blame. Let the punishment fit the crime.  I know, and perhaps will one day be thankful, that the law can not be that clear cut. We live in a democratic and just society where rights are exercised even to a fault. There were mitigating circumstances that need(ed) to be taken in to account; well, so they say. High crime rates, a history of personally stressful experiences relating to