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On Aging... A.K.A. Finding a damb grey pube!

One of my all-time favourite episodes of Sex and the City is the episode from season six entitled ‘One.’ It is probably THE favourite, favourite episode, in fact. It’s the episode where we celebrate Brady’s first birthday. Miranda and Steve admit they are still in love with each other and share a sneaky kiss in the utilities room. The disastrous Petrovsky relationship is still in its infancy and so we are feeling happy for Carrie. Charlotte finds inner strength after a miscarriage and goes all Elizabeth-Taylor on the crowd. And Samantha, well, first she gets prescription spectacles. And then she finds a grey pube, which she dyes with extremely comical consequences.  (If you haven't seen it, it's worth a watch! But excuse the profanity, please.) Lately, I’ve been thinking about that episode a great deal. Why? Well, aside from the obvious, I have looked in the mirror a few times over the last month or so and realised that signs of aging are coming in fast. Crows feet! Droopy br

What the heck? When you can’t trust Woolworths…

So Woolies have removed their rBST stickers from their dairy produce. Most consumers haven’t noticed. Or wouldn’t have, had it not been for the furore on social media over the removal of said stickers which implies the addition of hormones to their moo products. In 2006, they swore they wouldn’t do that. They claimed to be the only supermarket chain in South Africa who would.  (Click here to read Woolworth's press statement from 2006) And we all trusted them. It has also been made public knowledge that Woolworths bread has amongst the highest Soya content of all bread in South Africa, and the Soya is GMO. There are some little fine print clauses which mean that we actually knew this all along and Woolies can’t be held responsible for the oestrogen overdose given to our children thanks to the Soya content, but surely this is isn’t right? Makes you wonder what else is misinformed or fine-printed out of plain sight? I am a logical person and know that one store can’t be held responsib