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“Old friends are like a good bra, they put everything in its rightful place.”

Travelling abroad is exciting. Even visiting familiar places never gets tired, as you become localised and stop looking for the touristy spots and start looking for the special places no one else knows about. Last night was just such a night. We found a gem of a restaurant in London, with outside seating, low to the ground, on a balmy summers evening. It was idyllic, to say the least. The food – Moroccan in nationality – really was flavoursome, rich in colour and exotic spices.  The wine, rich and red, flowed like water. Pomegranate seeds were scattered like rubies, over pink salmon, lamb tagine served dark and dense, and swish kebabs were served on copper plates and eaten with glee. Or maybe, the food was crap. I wouldn’t know. The evening was really exceptional and aromatic and delightfully decadent, because we were with old friends. And I went to sleep happy. Among the architecture and the artefacts of museums and galleries, the treasures that London holds for me now are ones that h