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Ignorance is Bliss?

I’m not sure why we do stupid things. Usually, we don’t realise it was stupid until after it’s done. It can be something silly like indulging on a huge ice-cream after dinner and suddenly realising that you’ve over-eaten; or having a little too much to drink on a work night; or kissing a person who you know is just bad news.  Time tends to help us get over these ills quite quickly. But doing something a little more severe: breaking a promise or someone’s confidence; betraying a trust. These are things that can’t easily be undone. If doing stupid things were an Olympic sport, I would probably be in line for a medal. I’ve done some amazingly stupid things in my life, of course, I only see that in retrospect. And usually, just when I think my stupidity is over, I do something stupid to celebrate it. What is the way forward?  Psychologists seems to think it’s an internal self-destruct button, waiting for things to go well so that it can stuff it all up… but I don’t like to over-simplify. W