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If you want "Higher Education" - you should pay for it!

I have mentione d my great-granny before. So, for those of you have followed my blog posts for a while, I apologise for any unnecessary repetition.   Oumie was a great old dame. About as traditional as they come, of “Boer royalty” (Steyn decent) and a whiskey drinking, cigarette smoking, hair-getting-done-ing with a slew of gentlemen-a-courting kind of gal. Her brain remained remarkably astute until she passed away at ninety-nine years old, her tongue remained as articulate and pointedly honest as ever as well. She had many a truism that remain ingrained in her grandchildren to this day. Some of her wisdom seems outdated and quite sexist now, like “Never give up a seat next to your husband to another woman,” or “Never accept an alcoholic beverage unless it has been poured for you by a gentleman.” But she has some rules that were and are true to human nature and remain true always. The one that I have been hearing repeated in my memory over and over recently, is that nothing in life is