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Why I started a Blog...

I guess there is no sane reason for anyone writing to no-one in particular, and yet people have been journalling for years. A blog is not much different and whilst one of my new years resolutions was to keep a dairy, the leatherbound mole-skin journal still lies next to my bed in a virginal state.  Hence the blog. There is a lot and a little going on in my life. Today, so far, my biggest decision was whether or not to use my married name when publishing things online. May seem trivial on the surface, but any woman who has had to humbly submit all achievements in her family name in honour of a new, married name, will identify with the crisis!  At last the new job is starting to feel a little less like the new job it is. I was starting to wonder if I would ever feel at home in my foreign environment. I guess you can equate it to the fish-out-of-water analogy. I was used to water that slightly darker in colour and poorer in consistency. It takes a while to get used to paler waters with