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Hey Mr President, I’m your neighbour!

I can see your new pozzie from my stoep. That big compound that has been upgraded by almost R300 000 000. Wow, that’s a lot of zeros! I wonder if you were asked to read that number out in a speech, if you actually could. Maybe you could. But you definitely couldn’t if the number read R295 600 900. That would confuse you. But don’t worry; I don’t know what to do with all those numbers either.  Here's the Nkandla report from Times Live   You see. I am poor. I am dirt, mud, gravel poor. I'm the churchmouse’s charity case. I live in a mud and tin shack across the way from yours. Also in Nkandla, so these days my address is tantamount to Hollywood Boulevard; you’ve really made us a hot topic. Press everywhere, even when you banned them all. I remember your house when it was also just a shack like mine. Those were the days. You were a simple man with the same simple needs as me. Your father a policeman, your mother a cleaner. We walk a lot around here. I don’t have a car and I work i

The Cape Town (success) story: is it just a white government thing?

(Picture source: ) Our beloved Cape Town, South Africa, has been selected as the number one tourist destination for this year. SA Good News  That’s incredible! It’s an amazing city, don’t get me wrong, but it’s in South Africa: a place often feared by foreigners for it’s high rate of violent crime and viewed in a fairly rural light by those not quite as knowledgeable about the dark continent as one would hope. Oh, and the lions and tigers rumoured to roam our streets…   But as a South African, (who knows that we have a shockingly high rate of violent crime,) I find this selection remarkable. We live in an amazing country – there’s nowhere else I would ever choose to call home – but to compare Cape Town, or any South African city for that matter, to Paris, London, Rome, Istanbul…? I guess, you’ve got to see it to believe it. So we went, not because of this selection, and what I saw left me pretty sure that those folks at the

The Hidden Requirements of Motherhood

If you were to apply for a job, as say, an English teacher, you would be given a list (as long as your arm, from my experience,) of requirements to fulfil the role effectively. You would need to be willing to work over time, every teacher knows this. You would need to coach one sport per season, or supervise computer time; either way, not part of the English curriculum but part of the job description nonetheless. Higher up the economical chain, you would be told by your boss that you would need to do X, Y and Z in order to qualify for A (a Promotion), B (a Partnership) and C (a Raise). Your work hours would be pretty reliant on how badly you want A, B and C or how diligently you perform X, Y and Z. So motherhood isn’t that different. Except that it is totally different. Applying for a job in the real world entails a CV that qualifies you for the job, a personality that suits the job and a good match between the potential employee and ultimate employer. Motherhood is not like that