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Sharing the Marital Bed with Grace

I will never forget one of the first embarrassing moments I experienced with my (then boyfriend) husband. He called from a kitchenette to ask if I wanted a cup of tea. I replied that I did and decided to take the opportunity to use the loo for a number two while he was brewing a pot. This is not a task I undertake lightly and usually require an empty house, or at least complete silence and isolation, for it to be completed successfully. But the need was pressing and I had to try. Either I am under a complete misconception as to how long it takes to make a pot of tea, or I had a bigger task than expected, but before I knew what was happening, my pretty-new-on-the-scene boyfriend casually sauntered in to the bathroom and deposited a cup of tea next to me (on the basin, if I remember correctly?) “GET OUT!!!!” I yelled. My cheeks burning an excruciating shade of crimson. “I thought you wanted tea?” he asked. Clearly confused by my sudden mood swing. “NOT IN HERE!!! GET OUT!!! GET OUT!!!!”