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When your own head is a noisy space...

The wheels were properly falling off yesterday. I had one whinging kid, one crying toddler, one screaming refluxy baby… and it was dinner time… Bible study was at our house after dinner… Oh, and hubby was away for the day, returning home far later than usual. I actually felt myself drifting off into oblivion – I tried all those techniques they speak of so confidently on the internet – breathe, take a step away, listen to music, walk in the garden. But seriously. Stuff that. I was losing it. And then I tried to analyse why, in a matter of days, I had gone from ├╝ber-mom to losing-it-mom. Where did my “pack a picnic and sit on the lawn for hours” demeanour disappear to? I mean, that was me , just last week: a leisurely picnic with three kids and two dogs under the trees at our local park. This mom, who rushed around the kitchen maniacally trying to cater for friends and supper for a family and not feel the guilt of allowing someone else to hold my screaming baby while I panicked about the