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No Sugar = Grumpy Wench

One week without sugar and I'm swearing at people who aren’t even there… ‘They’ say that sugar as is addictive as cocaine. ‘They’ say that sugar is poison to the human body. ‘They’ might be fucking right. Well, at least if this last week is anything to go by. I feel as though I have physically cut a limb off my body. And all I did was stop eating sweet stuff – which I didn’t think was such a serious problem in my life. Until I realised that that meant no chocolate or no hot chocolate or cake or well, sugar. I've obviously added a sugar substitute to my diet – Xylitol to be exact. I still have a spoon of that in my morning coffee. I carry a tiny container of it with me wherever I go. That’s in case I get invited out for a coffee. I never do. Or at least, I haven’t in the last week. So I still get a little sweetness in that way. I used to be able to flatten a bag of Chuckles like nobody’s business. And a slab of chocolate was like a red flag. I remember once wondering aloud (on F

Go on Mamas: Flash those Mammary Glands and be Proud!

I was horrified to watch this video: Breastfeeding Mother Shamed out of Family Court . So horrified that I Googled the phenomenon and discovered that it was not, as I hoped, a typically exaggerated notion publicised for attention. Nope. It was a real thing that happens all the time. Mothers shamed for breastfeeding their babies in public. Yes, you read that right. Another mother shamed for breastfeeding And more stories about Moms shamed for breastfeeding   In a world where Miley Cyrus can Twerk away with a blow-up doll in a tiny thong; where a couple can copulate next to an ATM on CCTV; where music videos have PG ratings – breastfeeding is taboo. I don’t need to go into the science of it, it is generally accepted that breast milk is beast for babies and even if you can only manage to feed your babies for a week, for a day, it is better than nothing. I was a fortunate dairy cow who managed to supply enough to my calves that I could donate to the HIV/AIDS milk bank at our local hospital

RIP the South African Middle Class

I've always been a bleeding heart liberal. I really hope that despite strong opinions I’ve had in life, my true motive is that of equality and freedom for all. Which is why, recently, I'm disappointed in myself. I watched our newly-re-elected president give his victory speech last week and it sickened me. At once, I was a racist, an intellectual snob, a socialist and a communist. I wanted the man assassinated. I didn’t trust his election results and I hated his speech. Sadly, there have been many moments over the last five years, or possibly even longer, where I have marvelled at the fact that the man is the best that the ANC can do. I have marvelled at the fact that ‘the people’ elect a man who has been accused of rape, arms deals, corruption, polygamy, more corruption and idiocy. He has said things that made George W seem like a microphysicists and been found tainted by criminal brushes so filthy yet he’s completely skirted the idea that one will be judged by the company you

When a Mother Murders her Child

It simply is not the natural order of things for a mother to kill her child. Or is it? In the wild, the weakest animal of the herd will often be left to fend for itself, sometimes abandoned even, in order to preserve the rest of the herd. Animals have been known to eat the ‘runt’ of a litter in order to save the rest of the pack; certain female animals even have ways and means of aborting pregnancies if the conception took place with the inferior male specimen. And whilst I am not a Darwinist by any stretch of the imagination, time and time again we see how, in nature, a mother does what she feels is best for the rest of her family. I am not saying that this is exactly the case of Tania Clarence, the mother of four who allegedly murdered three of her children last month. But I have been giving her case a great deal of thought over the last week or so. My heart has actually truly gone out to her husband and her, although they are strangers to me, simply because I simply cannot fathom ho