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On Brock Turner, his Blue Balls and a cup of tea…

I know Brock Turner. Heck, I dated Brock Turner. Some of my friends dated him too. Well not the Brock Turner. But someone just like him. Plenty someone’s just like him, in actual fact. So did these girls... ‘Girl A’ once woke up covered in ejaculate that had been spurted on her while she slept. She had fallen asleep during a make out session and the guy wasn’t quite done yet. ‘Girl B’ was woken, Christian Grey style, with her then boyfriend bonking away at somewhere in the region of her vagina. Not quite penetration, but damned near close enough. ‘Girl C’ regaled me once with a story of being too drunk to fight off a guy, so she decided to just lay there and let him get it over with. She kind of remembered it the next day and actually allowed it to happen a few more times after that as well, before she dumped him. ‘Girl D’ was left behind on a girls’ night out and forced to go home with a guy she didn’t really know. He had his way with her while she quietly cried into a pillow. The nex