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The Things I miss Most Since Becoming a Mom

Earlier today, I had a moment when I was wondering about my BC days (Before Children.) What did I do with all that spare time? I remember having to wake up for work and hating that. I remember having hangovers that lasted for entire weekends. I remember only going out after dinner... I mean, leaving the house at ten pm. I don't miss those things so much. But there are a few things I do long for from time to time. So here goes, in a moment of unprecedented nostalgia... A private pee.   My bathroom is the nicest in the house. I get that. We built it to make it a private sanctuary, and truth be told, my bathroom is just that. So I shouldn't be surprised that my three little ladies want to be there too... I've raised them to love pretty things. I'm usually kept company by at least one. This morning it was all three. And the best is when they're trying to be helpful and offer to get toilet paper for me, to wipe for me. Oh gosh. I miss having that moment all to myself. Th