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In Defence of Fifty... (well, not really.)

I had never read anything like Fifty Shades of Grey before. Always the fan of a chic-lit, not one to blush too easily and a consumer of novels par excellence, I really had to do what any self-respecting all-of-the-above would do. I downloaded all three books, read them in one weekend and then re-read them over and over and over. I will admit that the first book left me feeling quite unsettled but being able to plunge into Darker  meant my discomfort was quelled by the first thirty pages or so. The love story triumphs over the sordid sex story. The light conquers the darkness. From being Ana versus Christian in book one, to Mr and Mrs Grey versus the world. That’s the part that got me hooked and like so many of my lit buff friends, if I had bought the first book in hard copy, as opposed to on my Kindle app, and had to wait for book two and three to come along, I would probably have donated it to the SPCA book shop and never thought of it again. Except that is not how it worked. I had